iPhone Interfaces

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch you have the choice between two user interfaces optimized for your mobile device:

iPRTG: The iPhone App for PRTG Network Monitor

Don't let monitoring your network tie you to your desk! With iPRTG your network monitor is where your iPhone is. iPRTG is the iPhone App for network administrators using the PRTG Network Monitor software to monitor and administrate their network. iPRTG is the one and only clear and simple viewer for the entire network monitoring environment. Your iPhone requests the monitoring data directly from your PRTG server and displays it in an 'iPhonic' way. It looks like this:

clip0190 clip0191 clip0192

iPRTG must be purchased separately, please see: http://www.beyond-content.com/products/iphone-apps/

Web-based iPhone Interface

PRTG offers also a read-only web browser based user interface that is optimized for the Apple iPhone. This feature enables the user to quickly check the status of the servers and sensors remotely. It looks like this:


Simply point the Safari browser of your iPhone to the URL https://(your_prtg_server)/iphone and you will see the login dialog. Enter your credentials and a few seconds later you will see the sensor tree with groups, devices and sensors on the iPhone display. Tap on a sensor and you will receive a display with detailed information about the sensor, recent graphs logfile entries.

Please keep the following security aspects in mind:

  • You could also use HTTP to connect to your server, but encrypted access with SSL/HTTPS is recommended in order to keep your password secure.
  • As an added level of security you could create a user just for your iPhone logins that only has read access for the "Root Group" or for selected groups that you want to monitor remotely (in case you have more than a few sensors).


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