ToDos ("to do" tasks) are PRTG's way to hand over tasks to you as the administrator, when an event occurs that PRTG can not handle without attention.

You will see a new ToDo whenever any of the following situations arise:

  • The auto discovery has discovered a new device and has created new sensors and you should acknowledge them.
  • A probe which had never connected before has connected and this new probe must be acknowledged by the administrator.
  • PRTG's built-in check for new versions has found that a new version of the software is available from Paessler.
  • A PDF report has been created and is now ready for review.
  • A critical situation has shown up on the server system (e.g. system runs out of disk space, licensing issues etc.).

Whenever a new ToDo is created by PRTG, the administrator user will receive an email asking to take care of the issue (you can disable this automatic email in the system settings). ToDos remain in the list until they are acknowledged (by clicking on "acknowledge").

Click on "ToDos" in the main menu to see a list of all ToDos:


Note: You can acknowledge all ToDos at once by choosing the corresponding item from the ToDo menu.


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