Various Protocols Sensor Types

The following sensor types allow to monitor various TCP and UDP based services:

  • PING: Performs one or more PINGs to monitor the availability of a device and optionally measure packet loss in percent.
  • PORT: Checks the availability of TCP based network services.
  • FTP: Monitors the availability of a FTP Server.
  • DNS: Checks a DNS (Domain Name Service) server.
  • RDP (Remote Desktop): Checks whether the RDP service of a device is available.
  • HDD Health:  Monitors the health of IDE disk drives via "SMART".
  • RADIUS:  Checks "Remote Authentication Dial In User Service" servers. It connects to a RADIUS server and checks if login credentials are accepted.
  • Syslog Receiver: Receives and analyzes Syslog messages (can only be used in probe devices).
  • SNMP Trap Receiver: Receives and analyzes SNMP Traps (can only be used in probe devices).


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