Entering A License Key

A license key for PRTG Network Monitor consists of the name of the licensee and a string that contains 70 characters and numbers. This information is usually sent to customers via email:

  • Sample Username: Paessler AG
  • Sample License key: 0223515-FFSEJC-ZHGRDFM-UR1CS8-U73FGK-G645F2-YVF1DD-H8323N-D11HG9-M2DRG

You can either enter the license key during the installation process or you can use the PRTG Server Administrator tool to enter a license key later.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have Installed The Correct Edition

There are two different installers available for PRTG (see Downloading the Software):

  • The publicly available installer only contains the Freeware, Starter and Trial Editions
  • The Commercial installer is only available for download for paying customers

The Commercial Installer must be installed to run the commercial editions of PRTG Network Monitor. If you have purchased a license key for PRTG you must download and install the latest Commercial Installer from the Paessler website  in order to apply your license key.

Step 2: Enter the License Key in the PRTG Server Administrator

You must enter the license key into the server administrator program. To start the PRTG Server Administrator select or double click the respective icon:


Select the License tab and enter your license key. To avoid typos please copy and paste the name and the key from the license key email that you have received from Paessler AG:


To make sure your key has been entered correctly please click on "Check Key(s)". In the field "Licensed Edition" you will able to see the accepted licence key

Entering an xFlow License Key (for NetFlow, sFlow)

NetFlow/xFlow keys only consist of the code (70 characters and numbers) and are not specific to your company name. If you have purchased a NetFlow/xFlow license key you must also start the Server Administrator tool to enter the key. Select the License tab and paste the key(s) into the "Additional NetFlow Licenses" box. To make sure your key has been entered correctly please click on "Check Key(s)".


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