Bandwidth Monitoring Sensor Types

The following sensors can be used for bandwidth monitoring:

  • WMI Network Card: Measures traffic going through network cards (see WMI Sensor Types).
  • SNMP Traffic: Supports monitoring bandwidth (bits/s) and volume (bytes), as well as the number of packets and errors via SNMP for a port or a network card on PCs, servers, switches, firewalls, printers (see SNMP Sensor Types).
  • Packet Sniffer (Header): PRTG looks at the IPs and ports of source and destination to assess the protocol (see Packet Sniffing Sensor Types).
  • Packet Sniffer (Content): PRTG captures the TCP packets, reassembles the data streams and then analyzes the content of the data using an internal set of rules to identify the type of traffic (see Packet Sniffing Sensor Types).

To learn more about the four methods of bandwith monitoring in PRTG, see section Comparison of Bandwidth Monitoring Sensor Types.


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