Account Settings - Edit Schedules

In the web interface, click on "Setup | Schedules" in the main menu to open the "Schedules" settings. Here you can define a timetable that can later be used to pause monitoring for groups, servers or sensors based on time and day of week, as well as pause the delivery of notifications.

In the account settings, schedules are managed centrally. Once a schedule has been created, you can use it in the object settings (for either a probe, group, device or sensor) at the "Inherit Schedules and Dependencies" entry. For instructions on how to use the schedules you are editing here, see section Schedules.


Various common schedules are available by default, further schedules can be added using the "Add new schedule" button.

By either selecting an existing schedule or when adding a new schedule, the following window appears:


Here you can provide a schedule name for identification purposes, as well as check the respective checkboxes to determine the time range of the schedule. Clicking on the daily icons at the top or at the daily "off" icons at the bottom allow to select/deselect entire daily ranges. Clicking on the hourly icons on the left, or on the hourly "off" icons on the right, allow to select/deselect entire hourly ranges.

At the very bottom of the window, you can also assign user group access rights as pertains the selected schedule. The following rights can be assigned:

  • None: This user group has no access to the schedule whatsoever. As such, this user group can not see or edit the specific schedule.
  • Read: This user group has read access to the schedule. The group can see, but not edit, the specific schedule.
  • Write: This user group has read and write access to the schedule. The group can see and edit the specific schedule.
  • Full: This user group has read and write access to the schedule, plus it can assign schedule access rights to other user groups.


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