Account Settings - Edit Notifications

Under "Notifications" you can discern an overview of all configured notifications (see Notifications).


Clicking on any particular notification will direct you to the its configuration page. You can add a new notification by clicking on the "Add new notification" button. Use the "Delete" link to remove any particular notification or use the "Test" link to test any particular notification.

The edit page looks like this:


You can also assign user group access rights as pertains the selected notification. The following rights can be assigned:

  • None: This user group has no access to the notification whatsoever. As such, this user group can not see or edit the specific notification.
  • Read: This user group has read access to the notification. The group can see but not edit the specific notification.
  • Write: This user group has read and write access to the notification. The group can see and edit the specific notification.
  • Full: This user group has read and write access to the notification, plus it can assign notification access rights to other user groups.

First you can enter a name for the notification and you can set the user group rights (e.g. if you want to enable or disable the use of a specific notification by some users).

Using the checkboxes you can activate various methods of notification. For each method you must enter the receiver address. Optionally, you can also change the notification texts (the available placeholders are explained on the right).

Note: For notifications with instant messengers, it is important to understand that in order to use instant messaging for notifications you always need two accounts: One account that sends the messages and another one that receives the messages.

Important: For some notification methods, you must enter the sender information in the Notification Delivery Settings (see section System Administration - Edit System Setup).


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