Account Settings - Edit My Account

In the web interface, click on "Setup | My Account" in the main menu to open the "My Account" settings. Here you can change various settings specific to your user account:


This page allows to define the following information in detail:

  • User Account: These fields allow you to define the login name, the user name, the email address for the user, time zone and data format, and it allows you to set a new password. The Hash value cannot be changed and can be used for certain API calls.
  • Auto Refresh and Alerting: Using these fields you can select whether you want the content of your browser to be refreshed automatically or not, if you want to merely refresh page elements or the entire page, and what refresh interval (in seconds) you want to use. You can also specify when Pop-up Alerts are shown or an Audible Alarm should be played.
  • Web Interface: Here you can enter the URL which the web interface will use as homepage. As default, "/welcome.htm" is used which is the welcome page you have already seen after logging in. Also, you can set the charts display mode: Select static images for faster graph processing or Flash for increased interactivity. You can further specify a delay for Flash graphs to better support slow clients.
  • Auto-folding: PRTG tries to keep the page size for the pages with the sensor tree small by automatically "folding" groups and devices with many items. In these fields you can define how many groups/devices or how many sensors maximum are to be shown before the specific branch is reduced (folded).
  • Account Control: These fields allow you to define to what group(s) the user in case belongs to, among other defining the user's access rights. Non-admin users can also be set to active or inactive by selecting the respective radio button (available for the admin only).
  • User Groups: Shows a list of all groups the user is a member of.


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